Women's Health After Abortion

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Women's Health After Abortion
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Women's Health after Abortion: The Medical and Psychological Evidence by Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy and Ian Gentles The de Veber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research, 2002, 3089 Bathurst St., Suite 316, Toronto, Ontario M6A 2A4, www.deveber.org

This is a great resource!  It gives a thorough review of the literature related to each of many major issues.

While you should own a copy, the entire contents of this book can be viewed online.

Table of Contents

Summary of Key Findings.

  1. Research on Post-Abortion Complications: An Overview
  2. Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer
  3. Induced Abortion and Other Cancers
  4. Impact on Subsequent Pregnancies
  5. Future Fertility
  6. Maternal Mortality
  7. Repeat Abortion
  8. Drug-induced or "Medical" Abortion
  9. Pain
  10. When Abortion Fails
  11. Psychological Risk Factors
  12. Abortion after Prenatal Testing
  13. Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction
  14. Behavioral Outcomes, Suicide, Healing
  15. Abortion and Interpersonal Relationships
  16. Abortion: Its Effect on Men
  17. Methodology and Bias: Problems with the Way Post-Abortion Research is Done
  18. Informed Consent and Abortion: A Woman's Right to Know

I can't praise this book enough. If you want an up to date review of any of the above topics, here is a GREAT place to start. You can read each chapter in a pdf electonric document at http://www.deveber.org/womens-health-after-abortion.